Business & Industry

Alcan Smelters and Chemical Ltd

  • Performed in-depth job and task analysis of Alcan’s system operator position, and based on the analysis, designed and developed a 2-year, self-paced training program for systems operators. This project was highly successful because it provided existing and new employees with specific, in-depth knowledge and practical experience.

BC Road Builders and Heavy Construction Association

  • Developed training guidelines for operators of single and tandem axle trucks, loaders, graders and other road maintenance equipment and attachments by working collaboratively with industry stakeholders.

Canadian Airlines International

  • Customized and delivered course design skills training to 90 instructors from the Civil Aviation Management Institute in Beijing, China in a joint venture with Canadian Airlines International. This was a CIDA project conducted over three years.

HA Simons Ltd.

  • Designed and developed a Project Management Course for senior and intermediate project managers based on specific corporate needs, priorities and expertise.