Ministry of Forests, Inventory Branch

  • Designed and developed a Vegetation Resources Inventory Training Program that included a series of videotapes, classroom and field sessions in a joint venture with BC Institute of Technology. This highly successful program received an Award of Merit from the Ministry of Forests.
  • Upgraded and edited the Vegetation Resources Inventory publications to improve the clarity, constancy, format, layout and writing style.

Ministry of Forests, Forest Practices Branch

  • Managed the design, development and delivery of a workshop for natural resource managers on the effective evaluation of forestry-related policies. Responsible for the instructional design of a new effectiveness evaluation website.

Ministry of Forests, RIC Training Secretariat

  • Produced a course training standard, an inventory of existing training and a Level 2 training program that could be delivered in a classroom or self-paced format in a joint venture with BC Institute of Technology. This program enabled people with diverse experience and educational backgrounds to enter the natural resources inventory field.

Ministry of Forests, Silvicultural Practices Branch

  • Prepared a needs assessment, training plan and training materials for ministry personnel, contractors and licensees in a joint venture with BC Institute of Technology. The training enabled existing professional and technical personnel to conduct forest health activities to FPC requirements. The program uses instructor-led and self-paced delivery to provide flexible, just-in-time training.

Ministry of Transportation and Highways

  • Managed the design and development of a standardized curriculum for training traffic control personnel that is used throughout BC. The course includes competency tests and challenge examinations for participants. This project involved working with a large committee of stakeholders with diverse needs.
  • Developed a training program for Development Approvals System (DAS) end users. This project used a train-the-trainer approach to educate personnel throughout BC.
  • Managed the development of a Financial Management Information System (FMIS) training program that prepared over 500 people throughout BC to use the system.